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Screener for feed mill plant
Vibrating screen of DSEI series is applicated feed plant.
The left side photograph is a scene of operating in Vietnam feed mill plant.
The crushed main material and sub-material were applied in the sieving process,
and used in the process to sieve the pelletized complete product.

The screen for pellet complete product uses 4 deck type, and it is unnecessary to
replace screen mesh pursuant to production size of pellet

The photograph in the left upperer side is a scene of being operated
vibrating screen of Dsei series in indonesia feed mill plant.
This is a scene that the crushed main material is used in sieving process.

The photograph in the right lower side is a scene to shop-test vibrating screen of
DSEI series which has been completely fabricated by our company.

This was used in a process of distributing the crushed main material (corn) to over size,
packaging large particle product and fine product, and mixing it with other materials previously,
but is finely distributed by using DSEI vibrating screen of multi-deck in order to cope with DSEIre of
consumers and then is separately controlled in large particle product. medium particle product,
fine particlel product, etc. with respect to product group currently