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In the event of installing vibrating feeder at lower part of silo, it is possible to use capacity of
feeder 100% only by sufficiently reflecting and designing the following content. Ideal design shall be
a structure where direct pressure due to material inside silo is not applied to feeder, and drive part is
greatly selected more than necessary in the event that direct pressure is applied to feeder,
so that it may not be regarded as economical design
● Back angle(α ) of silo shall be more than 60。 for smooth flow of material. At this time, front angle(β )
   shall be designed to be (α -5。)
● Design the lower opening size(T) of silo 3 or more times the maximum particle size
   with respect to material whose particle size is not even, and 5 or more times the maximum
   size with respect to material whose particle size is relatively even in order to prevent
   bridge phenomenon by material
● Gate opening height(H) of silo shall be at least two times the maximum size of material particle,
   and height shall be determined in proportional to supply capacity of feeder. And, opening height
   and "d" height value where material is accumulated may be calculated according to the
   following equation.

   (M) = Q × 1.667
   W × V × P
   Q : Required capacity(Ton/hr)
   W : Width of feeder (M)
   V : Feeding speed (M/min)
   p : Bulk density (Ton/M3)

● The front opening(D1) size of silo shall be designed to be at least 3 times the maximum size of
   materialwhose particle size is not even and to be at least 5 times the particle size of material whose
   particle size is relatively even.
● Installation distance(X, X1, X2) between skirt and feeder shall be at least 10mm in case of
   electromagnetic drive type, and at least 30mm in case of vidro motor drive method