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Relation amplitute,vibration number with feeding velocity
Theoretical feeding velocity is some different from actual data in accordance with specification
(bulk density,particle size,moisture and so on)but generally,feeding velocity is calculated as below

▶ Transport velocity at installing horizontal condition)
FEEDING SPEED V = 3.81NS (N: [vpm] , S : AMPLITUTE[M])

Calculation instance
Condition of vibrating conveyor : Amplitute : 10mm, Vibration : 600rpm
Theoretical transport speed is, V=3.81×600×0.01=22.86M/min.
But, above theoretical transport speed shall be decided under precondition of sufficient
vertical acceration and adaptable angle of vibration. Generally application value may be
designed with 70~80% of above velocity

Application instance
DSBC 750-16 SUGAR 65 TON/HR Feeding STS304 CLOSED &
DSBC 600-85 CHEMICAL 20 TON/HR Feeding, Separating 8.5m transmission and separating
material at a time
DSBC 1500-10 SHREDED MATERIAL 40 TON/HR Feeding, Separating Separating of striper recying material and ash
DSBC 1150-13 GRANULATED LIME 11 TON/HR Feeding, Drying Transmission and dryness of combined materials at a time

Feeding velocity and flow depth to represented material

When a material is fed by vibration,flow depth shall be designed by thickness of material, but according as particle size, bulk density,etc, the thickness is limited.We describe the pilot test result of flow depth as below
Material Average Size(mes)
Average Bed Depth
Average Cpmveuomg Speed(m/min)
Alumina 100 75 9.0
Bagasse 2~1/2~60 150 24
Carbon Black Pelltized 1.6mm 75 10.5
Cement Clinker 12.5 ~ 9.5mm 125 21
Cearal 12.5 ~ 10mm 150 19
Coal 19~25~12.5mm 125 18
Crumb Rubber 12.5mm 100 18
Damp Sand 20 100 24~27
Detergent Powder 100 75 15
Dry Sand 20 75 15~18
Glass Cullet 3~12.5mm 100 18
Gravel 9.5~12.5mm 125 19.5
Limestone 9.5~25~12.5mm 100 21
Milk Powder 200 25~12.5 19~22
Plastic Pellets 2~12.5mm 100 21
Steel Shot 1.6~3mm 50 21
Steel Turnings 6~12.5mm 100 16.5
Suger(Granuiar) 20~30 50~12.5 15
Table Salt 20~40 50 18
Tobacco Cut 250 21
Wood Chips 9.5mm 250 24

Compare vibrating conveyor with vibraing feeder
A kind / A hand Vibratory Conveyor Vibratory Feeder
Transmission Load Fixed load, fixed quantity operation Operation for variable load under Hopper, Storage tool
Vibrating Ferquency Max 900VPM(15HZ) MIN 900VPM
Acceieration 2~3(G) 6~13(G)
Vibration Style High Amplitute, Low Frequency Low Amplitute, High Frequency
The others Generally 300~750VPM
Vibration Amplitute 8~100mm
Generally, MIN 1000VPM
Vibration Amplitute 1~7mm

Vibratory vs. Reciprocating

Vibratory : Min 900VPM(15Hz) with Vibrating Frequency, jumping transmission let material feed
(need vertical acceleration for jumping)
Shake : coverage with 150~900VPM vibrating frequency(mainly designed for resornance type)
Reciprocating : low frequency vibrating under 150VPM(15Hz). Sliding transmission of matrials
(limitted application as for burst, wear on the trough)
Bulk density of materials
Material Name Bulk density Material Name Bulk density
ALUMINA 0.8~1.2 COKE 0.4
Sulphur 0.9 CFFEE 0.67
PVC RESIN 0.5~0.6 Wheat 0.77
wood chip 0.16~0.21 Wheat flour 0.5
carbide 1.1~1.3 Hulled rice 0.8
CARBON 0.8 FeO 2.5
cullet 1.3~1.9 Solt 0.8
CLAY 1.6~1.9 Aluminum hydroxide 0.3
CaCO3 0.6 Soda 0.3~1.0
Rock crystal 1.1~1.3 TAR 0.8~1.0
Sand 1.3~1.5 Feldspar 1.1~1.4
Bio- CaCo3 0.5 CHALK 0.5
Sugar 0.8 dolomite 1.4~1.6
Lime powder 0.5 Mn 2.0~2.3
Lime 0.72 Charcoal 0.29~0.4
Ground gysum 1.5 Al2O3 0.75
Cement 1.2~1.3 유산동 1.2~1.4

How to calculate for feeding capacity of materials

Capacity of Vibrating conveyor is some different from feature(grain size, moisture content, attachablility)
angle of trough, angle of vibration. Presumption for designing process is calculated by as below equation.
Please confirm to our technical part for theory assurance

Q = 60 (ρ · B · H · V)
Q : Feeding Capacity [TON/HR]
ρ : Bulk Density [TON/M3]
B : Trough Width [M]
V : Feeding Speed [M/min]

Feeding Capacity


Bulk density:1.2 ton/M3
Trough width:0.6 M
Material depth of flow:0.05M
Feeding speed:16 M/min

Calculation of Feeding capacity of materials as above condition

Q=60(0.8×0.6×0.05×16) =23.04 TON/HR

Above accumulated height is not assume freely, but limited assumption value by grain size, feature. Generally, designed by Max 300mm in vibrating conveyor, and vibrating feeder with skirt be able to put Max 900mm