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In addition to the screen of a round shape vibration sieving system,
there are some features as follows

● It is applied for 20㎛~600㎛ especilly it is effective to sieve for micro particle under 100㎛.

● Sieving efficiency mesh have improved sharply as compare with former vibration sieving system.

● Anti-clogging device such as tapping ball is not required.

● A consistent, intermittent micro wave transfers on the screen, so, it is not necessary to use cleaning
   device in addition.

● The attention of preventing foreign particles from wearing of Tapping Ball, therefore it is good device for
   sieving of food, medicines. Also sustenance of screen extended, effective for difficult sieving application
   as screen blinding and colgging sticked.

● This is a flow used for vibrating powder or raw material of pallet and so on the whole part of screen
   because the time of handling material residing on the screen is short.

● Micro wave motion of resonater was transmitted to the end of screen.

Usage : Chemical, phamaceutical, food, plastics, metallurgic

Sonoscreen system are consisted of generator, converter, resonater.
The hight frequency electrical oscillation produced by the ultrasonic sieving generater is
convertered into sinusodial, longitudinal and amcsanical oscillation, by the converter.
These flexural wave motions are transmitted into the preturnde bar resonaters and are
spread evenly to the sieve mesh surface