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Outlet Check Hole
Check hole is installed at the upper part of outlet where handling material
isdischarged, so that handling material discharge state or particle size
may be checked by opening rubber cap
Trough Check Hole
It is possible to check damage or locking state of screen mesh by opening
check hole beside through without disassembling trough parts
Tension Center
It is possible to check deflection of screen mesh by inputting handling
material in case of with large size
Oulet is blocked with damper in some case to be adapted to process
There are 3 kinds of damper models to meet with such case, and the model suitable for the process should be selected
Direct Sieve
The inlet and the outlet where products is discharge are in one line,
so as to provide convenience when you design layout
Porotable Twist Screen
Hopper, constant quantity supplier, and twist screen is composed of one set,
so as to be move to work place simply