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Basic type of screen unit assembly is a bounded type.
This gurantees exact tension which is most important of screen and
increases durablity in order to prevent rupture of tension during use
Attachment of vibrator of upper and lower pushing type
ibrator attachment method of upper and lower pushing type gurantees even
vibration transfer and increases durability of vibrator itself in transferring the
vibration occuring when unbalance weight of vibrator to trough-part
through vibrator base
Compression spring of excellent anti-vibration and durability
Anti-vibration spring jointed in order to prevent vibration is made of
SUP6 kind, and the spool to which spring is attached is made of urethane,
so that there is no joint occurrence after long-term use,and anti-rusting proper
and durablity are very excellent
Junction box with excellent sealing proporty even in wet process
Junction box of waterproof structure is attached and “push button switch” is
attached according to need of user in order to prevent electric accident in any
circumstances by considering the fact that twist screen is much used in wet
process as well as dry process