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Vibrating machinery


Twist Screen

The twist screen of Daesung Machinery creat 3-dimensional vibration direction quantity by
vertical vibrator, so that handling material moves during vibration movement from center to outside.
At this time, smaller particles than mesh opening size or wet material drops below mesh,and larger particles than opening size remaining on the mesh or sludge material drops from
outlet during circular motion to outer side


Ultra Sonic Sieving

Currently sieving system users want the machine that screen blinding and clogging dont
occur on the sieve mesh with highest seperating speed. Former sieving technlolgy have developed by vibration / unduration machanics and these movment machanics have known that control the efficiency of removing foreign materiats, putting in particle, seperation materials.
In addition to the conventional method, Daesung Ultrasonic supported sieving technology evenly transmits an oscillation motion, in the micron range, onto the screen surface


Vibrating Screening

● This model is easy to adjust of amplitute and simple to maintenance by using  Daesung rotary vibrator of high efficience.

● This model is simple to replace with screen unit (wire mesh). Changing time for
   1 deck required takes about5~10min (DESI 1200-30 series)

● Area of screen unit forms rectangle which is easiest for screening work so that
   maximization of screening efficiency may be expected.

● Anti-clogging device is attached to suppress grain clogging phenomenon of mash
   during screening so that effect of consistent screening may be guaranteed.

● Slope of net to ideally control flow speed of screening object is composed of 8° ~ 13°    and 13° ~ 18°


Vibrating Feeder

● Simple structure and easy to maintenance.
● It is in order after long term use as good durablity.
● It is cover up type so that better sanitary and prevention of mixing foreign material.
● Easy to control of feeding capacity and excellent to match of processing design
● Easy to design of layout as standardization of machinery.
● It is possible to appliy the complex process of transport,cooling,drying and keep consistent.
● It is possible to effect transport of micro powder, big particle, hot material, handing material


Magneting Feeder

● DSMF series magneting feeder of electronic resonance type is a deviece to cause vibration by giving strong
electromagnetic force to drive part trough converting alternating single phase electricity into pulse current with controller,
to convert feeding quantity simply during operation with voltage conversion type.


Vibrating Conveyor

● This reduces maintenance cost remarkably as compared with other equipment because it can generate large efficiency with small drive force by generating vibration through resonance between trough and counter weight.
● This enables complete airtight structure so as to prevent any powder from flying
   in the air.
● This is enables to easy maintenance with simple structure and very small area of
   rolling and wearing.
● This enables works such as drying, cooling, dehydration, selection, washing, etc.
   so as to be used in various field.
● Daesung conveyor can generate vibration, which is resonance force from interaction trough and counter-weight, high efficiency and easy maintnance let the cost be
drereased. This can multiplex the number of input places and the number of discharge places using damper

Spiral Elevator

As a device to perform vertical transportation role and drying or cooling role simultaneouly, installation area can be minimized and staying time can be controlled by inverter, so that optimum drying or cooling efficiency can be controlled simply.