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 Sludge Drying and Solidification System

Sludge Drying Process Description

Ban on ocean dumping of wastes at sea: Dumping wastes at sea has been banned from 2014 under the London Convention, and as a result such ban has increased sludge disposal costs.
Sludge with high water content (80%) can be dewatered to produce solid fuel, which will contribute to creating profits.
We are the first to have succeeded in localizing an energy-saving 3-pass drum dryer.
Our technical know-how accumulated for over three decades and a premier pilot plant built in South Korea make a well-tried optimized system available.

Sludge Drying System

Sludge Drying Processing


With the application of a convective drying method, hot air of about 400℃ comes in direct contact with mixed sludge.
The dryer allows solid fuel to come first in and out of a horizontally-installed drum and dewaters sludge using high-speed hot air flowing into the drum.
Granules transferred upward by internal wings are uniformly dried while moving slowly for large-size ones and fast for small-size ones during a free fall. (They stay for about 20-30 minutes at 10-20 rpm.)

Pilot Plant

The pilot plant constructed by our own technological prowess provides continued updates and process improvements and helps elicit a wide variety of design factors.
The plant consists of a mixer, high-speed granulator, drum dryer, vibratory fluid-bed dryer, screen, scrubber and air pollution reducer.