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Fitz Mill that is extensively used for milling millet seeds has simple structure.
It is simple to operate and easy to change milling particles.

The rotating rotor has many numbers of milling blade in the shape of knife.
Unlike the hammer mill, shear force works more than shock power so it can mill a material into a
particle suitable for the processing while suppressing the creation of minute powder.

On the lower part of the milling blade, there is a screen of punched plate type so by changing
the hole size of the screen and the rotating speed of the blade, the milling particle can be changed

More shear force works than shock power so the mill has the following features:

● It is easy to disassemble, assemble and clean suitably for small-amount and multi-item production

● Arrangement of precise components guarantees regular milling particles and durability

● Various models are available to meet with different needs for not only research/tests,
   but also mass industrial production

● It is suitable for creation of millet powder, and in connection with a vibrating screen,
   automatic operation is possible

● It is possible to adjust the particle size by changing the hole size of the screen, the rotating speed,

Device for change of the number of rotations

The device for change of the number of rotations on the left is applied with continuously
variable cyclone reducer. In general, a device for change of the number of rotations uses an inverter,
but theinverter type has a disadvantage that torque gets reduced too when the number of rotations decreases.

In case torque is reduced, the motor can have over current caused by the milling load of the material.
In order to overcome this disadvantage, this mill is applied with cyclone reducer that guarantees regular torque.
This device is available upon a ustomer's request.